This week’s artist is from Germany, Sonja Verducci.

Born in 1970 in Schwabisch Hall, Germany, she was noticed as a talented artist at primary school. First her teacher noticed this so she was given much harder subjects to paint than her classmates. A keen artist from very young she got her first camera when she was just 9 years old.

A self taught artist, she has worked since 1989 in various mediums such as water colour, airbrush and more recently digital art on her computer.

A self confessed admirer of the old masters, specially Monet, her aim has been to show everyone that vintage and traditional art and oil paintings can be done on the computer.

She spent much of her childhood around cars as her uncle and father were both mechanics and she observed while they fixed cars. Her fascination grew even stronger when she met a female rally driver who lived close to her family.

“When I visit a garage, I love the smell of oil and fuel and the sound of cars is music to my ears” she comments (which we all agree). “Ever car is a work of art and has a soul” (I certainly agree with that statement).

She is very happy to have managed to find a way to combine the world of racing with art and photography.

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Below you can enjoy some of her amazing work. Always respect copyright.

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