This week’s featured artist is José Francisco Rosales of Rosales Design in Spain. Enjoy…

José Francisco was born in 1982 in Rioja, a town in Almeria, music to the ears of the wine lovers of the world!

He started drawing very young, in fact he mentioned that he can not remember a time when he hadn’t been drawing. Later in life he was more involved in the design aspect and with plenty of practice he has developed his own style.

Another self taught artist he did not have the opportunity to study drawing, but as you see from his work, we think he has done very well.

In 2012 he started his own design business registered under the brand name of “Rosales”. Over the past five years he has been working with many different manufacturers specially on the chassis design.

You can see the development of his work and style as you study his Facebook page. You notice that he started with pencil only and eventually he started to work in colour.

Check out his Facebook page here.

You can contact José Francisco by email on;

Below we have a few pieces from José Francisco’s work. As always, please respect copyright.

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