Racing’s FF1600 legend Rick Shortle is taking on a new challenge in 2017 to raise awareness and funds for MS.

Watch the video about this fund raiser here.

Rick, of Rick Shortle Racing, has been inspired to compete in the Pre 1990 ff1600 class of the Champion of Brands, the Formula Ford Festival and the Walter Hayes Trophy at Silverstone by his friend Noel Wilson who has MS.

The pair have been involved in motorsport for many years and Rick hopes to help his friend in Noel’s fundraising efforts for his registered charity Motor Sport for MS by taking part in the races.

Rick said: “This year Noel has raised thousands of pounds for Motor Sport for MS.

“He aims to set an official time for an 8 mph mobile scooter on every motor racing circuit and venue in the UK. He has the permission to do this on a race weekend with the benefit of raising awareness and funding from spectators, race drivers and teams.

“For 2017, he hopes to accelerate awareness by branding my race car and team with the Motor Sport for MS logo. He will be at all of my race events too so that he can chat with spectators and collect funds.

“Noel’s great passion has always been motorsport so it feels right to join forces with him so we can enjoy the excitement of being part of a race team whilst continuing to raise funds for a charity so close to Noel’s heart.”

Businesses and individuals are being urged to help fund Rick’s race car and team to raise awareness of MS in a unique way. In total 25% of all contributions will go directly to Motorsport for MS. There are also high value rewards for donations from as little as £30.

To find out more visit here.

More about Rick and his efforts to raise funds for  Motorsport for MS check his website here.

Watch the video about this fund raiser here.

We at in2motorsports wish both Rick and Noel the best of luck and hope they can rely on your generosity for this worthwhile fundraiser .

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