This week we have an artist from The Netherlands, Maikel van Hoof

Born in 1992, Maikel resides in The Netherlands. As a little boy he was usually playing with toy cars, for as far as he can remember he barely touched pencils at that time. Eventually he started with a few random doodles and some colour-by-number drawings.

“My interest in cars was grew a lot when my dad took me with him to autocross events, as he was autocross-driver”, Maikel explains. His interest grew further in cars when he turned 16, getting near the age when he would be allowed to take driving lessons in Holland. He was interested in any car that looked fast, had a body kit or rear wing and basically modified or customized in one way or another.

At 16 he started to study Graphic Design which was the turning point as that was the moment when his creativity began to increase. He wanted to create nice visuals instead of playing games and he was set when a friend told him about the “Deviantart” website. Maikel started uploading his art to see what sort of interest/feedback he would have.

“I started drawing cars and kept pushing myself to increase the quality of the results, eventually reaching the level I wanted to reach. Started with graphite pencils, later I added colour pencils to my art-tool collection as well after a friend suggested me to try making coloured artworks. Over the last year I started using markers as well” commented Maikel.

Although drawing cars is not his full time job, he loves spending any free time to create these artworks. His daily job is more about digital artworks, as after graduating as a Graphic Designer he started the study of Game Artist, graduated in 2015 with the focus on 3D game-art.

However, he also has experience in 3D product visualization and 2D concept art. Besides of creating art, both for profession as during his free time, he loves visiting car shows and take photographs of all those fantastic cars.

So, do check out Maikel’s website for more information here.

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Below you can see some of Maikel’s work. As always, please respect copyright.

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