Historic Car Art presents The history of the Land Speed Record in Art.

The art collection initially focuses on records achieved by British drivers with internal combustion engine powered, wheel driven cars. Malcolm Campbell, Henry Segrave, Ernest Eldridge, Parry Thomas, John Cobb, George Eyston and Donald Campbell all feature.

Innovation, determination, bravery and skill. All words closely associated with speed records. The larger than life characters, the stories and the power and speed of the machinery are all portrayed in this fabulous collection of artworks.

The history of the Land Speed Record and in particular records achieved by British drivers with combustion engine powered, wheel driven cars have always been of interest to Historic Car Art.

One name that most people associate with the records is Campbell. Malcolm Campbell set numerous land-mark records and his son Donald is still holder of the outright Land Speed Record for a wheel driven car, set in 1964. Donald then finished off a momentous year by also taking the Water Speed Record on 31st December thereby becoming holder of both records simultaneously – still the only person ever to have done so.

January 1967 gave us a reminder of the dangers of speed record setting when Donald was tragically killed attempting to better his own Water Speed Record.

It was this 50 year anniversary that prompted thoughts of a celebratory Land Speed Record Art exhibition. The Royal Automobile Club has a long association with the Land Speed Record, and has an wonderful archive particularly of Segrave material, so the Club were more than happy to host the exhibition on this subject.

Historic Car Art has brought together 28 new and unseen artworks by eleven leading motorsport artists to celebrate the visual impact of these records and drivers through different mediums and contrasting styles.

Rupert Whyte of Historic Car Art commented: “In commissioning and curating this exhibition we didn’t want to be too prescriptive and allowed each artist to work on subjects that most appealed to them. The result is that there may be one or two omissions from a true timeline of records and at the same time one or two slightly ‘left-of-field’ inclusions, but what ties all artworks together is speed – as much of it as possible!”

All artworks are for sale, with many available as limited edition prints. A limited edition book accompanies the exhibition (foreword by Don Wales).

Artists involved in this celebration include John Ketchell, Joel Clark, Frederic Dams, Paul Dove, Barry Rowe, Roy Putt, Brian James, Paul Chenard, Richard Wheatland, Rory Putt, Graham Boswroth and Jonathan (Joff) Carter.

The whole exhibition has been recreated as a virtual 3D walkthrough so you can enjoy viewing all of the artworks in a gallery setting too. Click here to view.

You can find links to some of these artists stories and works as featured on in2motorsports.com below.

Joel Clark here.

John Ketchell here.

Paul Dove here.

Richard Wheatland here.

Some of the works included in this exhibition below. Click images to enlarge,