This week we have another talented artist from Spain.

Born in Pampalona, Spain in 1962, he has had an interest in painting and drawing since he was child. This led to him enrolling in the School of Arts of Pamplona in 1979.

His father had a fine arts store where José helped in his spare time. He started to get commissions and was very happy earning money doing what he loved.

He credits his teachers for his talent. People such as Juan Jose Aquerreta, Salvador Beunza, Isabel Baquedano andJose Maria Rodriguez Azcárate to name a few.

“I was painting with gouache and watercolors for a long time, but I am actually painting with oils now”, José explains. “have been painting landscapes, nature and portraits too, and for the past ten years I have been enjoying painting cars” he continues.

The love of cars is something that seem to run through his family as his father also loved cars who also had a small collection of classic cars. He is always on the look out for another special car to photograph so he can later paint it from his own photos. José likes to paint the front view of cars, although he is happy to do other angles.

He doesn’t look at his work as hyper realism although he likes the style. He feels his work is more of a free attitude and a little more simple.

Although he has showed his work in Galería Fermin Echauri, Pampalona in the past few years, he is looking to show them in other countries.

“I love painting cars. I am excited in front of a white canvas, I need this emotional feeling” he concludes.

He works full time as a painter and really enjoys showing and discussing his work with others.

Keep an eye on his work on his Facebook page here and Instagram here.

Below are some of his pieces for you to enjoy. As always respect copyright.

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