One of the latest project to surface recently was completed by those clever guys at CKL Developments. Rare, Special but certainly very beautiful is the Jaguar XKSS and here we have the first one! Yes, chassis no; 1 (701).

AY Jaguar XKSS view

Take a deep breath while we tell you the story of this amazing car, right here on in2motorsports.

Originally designed without a full screen, bumpers or lights and seemingly for racing, only 16 were ever built according to records. This being the prototype, if you like, no; 1 (701).

You may recall that we featured the D Type in our greatest cars last year (see link here). Well, after three years of competition and no less that 3 wins at Le Mans, Jaguar decided that the car was in need of an upgrade of sorts.

And there it was, the XKSS. Built on the 25 remaining chassis of the D Types that were not used, this car looks very different. Basically there were slight modifications to make the car road legal. Basic changes like the screen, lights, bumpers on the outside as well as removing the racing fin and arranging an entrance for the passenger! (a door), and on the inside there were such additional luxury items such as a horn, handbrake and a spare wheel!

Despite these modifications or shall we call them improvements? the engine, running gear, suspension and everything else remained the same. ie; race spec.
Happiness and joy I hear you say. Well, if it was good enough for Steve McQueen, its good enough for us.

Fortunately the cars sold well, mainly to the USA. Unfortunately a fire at the factory destroyed the rest of chassis together with the tooling to manufacture any more of them, making them extremely rare.

That is pretty much the story of the XKSS. Our featured car however was painstakingly restored for a client by CKL Developments in East Sussex. They did wave their magic wand and with a little help from fairy dust and of course a lot of hard work, they transformed the car to what it is today.

While the predecessors of this car, namely the D Types are being sold in excess of three million pounds, with this one, I don’t think we can put a price on it.

And to the numbers on the doors,

Engine; 3400cc in line 6 cylinder with triple Weber Carburetors.
Gearbox; 4 Speed.
Power; 250 bhp.
Weight; 914 Kg.
Performance; 0-60 4.5seconds.

Images thanks to; Andrew Young

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