For the first time ever, step into the shoes of the drivers at Revival to experience the thrills and spills first hand.

We know virtual reality is not synonymous with stepping back in time, but we welcomed 21st century technology to last year’s Revival so you can experience sweeps and curves of the classic circuit from the comfort of your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Simply, click View below which will transport you into a first person view on the all action Goodwood Revival race track. When watching the video you are able to move around as if you were actually there!

Once the video has loaded, you can start your unique experience. On desktop you can do this by using the mouse to click and drag or use W,A,S,D keys on your keyboard as if they were arrow keys. For mobile and tablet you can either move your device in the direction you want to look or tap and drag.

Golly gosh! An awful lot of technical talk there but one thing is certain, you are in for a hair raising ride!

We hope you are joining us in September for yet another unforgettable Revival experience.

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