This week’s artist is from Sheffield in the UK. Enjoy…

Born in 1966 in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, Maria has been a motorsport fan since a very young age and has enjoyed watching various disciplines over the years. She only began painting her passion around 5 years ago when she started studying watercolours in a local art class.

“My interest started to wain and it was after my first trip to Monza for the Italian Grand Prix in 2016 that my passion was ignited and I started to dabble with acrylic” explains Maria.

She is self taught and has experimented with different effects. Her work concentrates on wet track shots where she feels she can really create the sense of speed and atmosphere with the water splashes.

“I have exhibited and sold at local art shows and at the bike specialists in Sheffield where I was commissioned to do a John McGuinness painting as he would be attending. This ended up being a very successful event” she commented.

One year into painting formula one,  she can see and feel the dramatic changes and advances her painting has made and she is loving it.

She joined F1 forums on Facebook and through the members interest and support, created her own FB Page F1 art by Maria H. Sales have started to grow through the page and likes are consistently growing.

She also has an Instagram account mariac5028, and quite a few people in the motor sport industry now follow her and her work.

Maria has had a few commissions of which we can mention one for the Canadian Porsche GT3 driver Valerie Chaisson which now sits proudly in her Luxembourg home.

She has also been approached by local galleries to display her work.

Maria also mentioned “It’s great when I attend local shows because there’s no one else doing what I do which creates a great buzz and lots of interest. I love that my hobby is my passion and is being appreciated by people who don’t know me”.

She is in the process of creating a web site which will feature all works past and present as well as prints that are available. A lot of her earlier works have not been photographed as they were sold before this could be done, but we are sure there will so much more to look forward to in the near future.

You can keep in touch and follow Maria’s work and progress on her Facebook page here.

Below you can enjoy some examples of her work. Always respect copyright.

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