Rainer Selzer reports from this outstanding event at Hockenheimring which was held a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy…

Day 1 (April 21st)
Even on Thursday evening, 5kms away from the event at my hotel, I could hear what awaited me for the following days. The amazing sound of racing cars old and new. It was hard to go to sleep.

The countdown had begun for my first visit to the Bosch Hockenheim Classic, The Jim Clark Revival.

At 9.00 am on Friday I’m though the visitor’s tunnel towards the driver’s camp and already the first highlight was in front of me: a Porsche 962, kissed by the sun!

After taking some pictures I went on to the pit lane. 3 more beauties were already standing in Box 1, which led to an increased heart beat in my chest: 2 BMW M1 Pro Cars and a Ford RS Zakspeed. What a start to the day!

The free access to the boxes and the open paddock was of course something very special for every spectator and especially for me as a photographer and gave the event this extraordinary flair. You could look at the mechanics at work, feel the racing atmosphere up close and enjoy the smell of gasoline.

On the racetrack the qualification and test runs for the race weekend were already taking place at half-hour intervals. Time was flying, and for me it was a dream to capture this variety of special vehicles with my camera. Around 7 pm I left the Hockenheimring with 700 photos in my and full of anticipation of the next few days.

Day 2 + 3 (22-23 April 2017)
Of course, I was at the Hockenheimring from 9 am on both day and as the action moved to the Grand Prix circuit.

The BOSS GP race series (Big Open Single Seater) started the event. In the FIA-certified championship were beside Formula 1 cars also HP strong vehicles from the former IndyCar and GP2 series at the start.

Another spectacular sight was the Canadian-American Challenge Cup. Here were cult cars like the Lola T310 and the McLaren M8F for us to enjoy watching and hearing on the track. From 1966-1974, the world’s most spectacular race series downgraded the Formula 1 and the CanAM cars had no rivals with regard to power, speed and beauty.

At the special touring car Trophy H & R Cup tradition meets modernity. Various classes for touring cars and GT cars offered a variety of racing cars, such as: Mercedes SLS AMG GT3, Audi R8 LMS Ultra, Ford GT, Lamborgini Gallardo … This is precisely the attraction of these traditional series.

Touring cars from the 1990s fought in the Youngtimer Touring Car Challenge. The 60s were represented by the Pontiac Transam and the Corvette. Race cars of the 70s present themselves in the form of BDA Escort, Porsche 911RSR, Sunbeam Lotus and Trabant. Vehicles such as the Lotus Esprit, the BMW M1, the Ferrari and the Porsche 911 presented the 80s.

The HRA Classic Formula 3 celebrated its premier at the Hockenheim Historic, where monopostos from the years 1971 to 1984 was at the start and Grand Prix stars such as Ayrton Senna, Alan Prost, Gerhard Berger and Stefan Bellof proved that the road to Formula One Cockpit traditionally leads over the Formula 3.

The Lotus Cup Europe also entered the new season at the Hockenheimring. There were various cars in the group such as V6 Cup, 2-Eleven, Lotus Open and Production. Lotus has always maintained its special part in these celebrations, since the time when Jim Clark still defended his championship on the track.

Scuderia Alfa Classico was also present. This is Europe’s biggest racing series for Alfa Romeo Touring Cars. The Scuderia Alfa Classico contributes to the fact that the legendary times and beautiful models of the Italian automobile manufacturer are not forgotten. It was a great pleasure to see the Alfas live on the track.

Another presentation was the FIA Lurani Trophy. In 1958, Count Johnny Lurani founded a Formula Class for new entrants to reinvigorate Italian drivers for Grand Prix cars. Big names such as Jim Clark, John Surtees, Peter Arundell, Mike Spence, Denis Hulme, Jochen Rindt, Mike Hailwood and Giancarlo Baghetti emerged from the series.

Historic Raceclub of Germany. The name stands for the association of owners of historic racing cars. The association was started in presentations, in order not to endanger the value of the vehicles (RALT RT 30, Lotus T142, Brabham BT15 …) as well as the safety of the drivers.

Founded in Venice in the 1960s, Scuderia Serenissima initially used brands such as Ferrari, De Tomaso, Maserati and Porsche in racing. Later, the Serenissima dared to build their own engines and vehicles. This resulted in the Serenissima 308 Jet Competizione and the Serenissima M1AF Formula 1. Both vehicles were on site and caused a lot of enthusiasm.

Away from the racetrack, the Jim Clark Revival offered a varied and attractive program for the whole family. In addition to a large brand club area including Old and Youngtimer sales market, there were also various special exhibitions, food vendors and a historical fair.

The three days flew by and when I returned home on the Sunday evening, my body was still full of endorphin.

My conclusion to the Bosch Hockenheim Historic is: Historic motorsport by excellence, an excellent family atmosphere and a duty date for all motorsports enthusiast. Bosch Hockenheim Historic – Jim Clark Revival 2018 – I’ll be there!

Report and images thanks to Rainer Selzer. Please respect copyright. You can contact Rainer here.

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