Daniel King was born on August 25, 1980, in Weisbaden, Germany. Although born overseas, he’s an American Citizen due to the fact that both of his parents are American. His father is in the Air Force, and his mother is a stay at home spouse. While at home, he was home-schooled with his younger sister, Sarah.

“I learned a lot from both of my parents while being home schooled,” explains Daniel, ”I received a lot of one on one attention.”

He also says that he never grew up playing video games, but rather drew on anything he could get his hands on.

After moving back to the states, he went to public school, where he was exposed to many forms and methods of art. Later on, he got married and had 3 sons which took up most of his free time for art. However once they got older  he started up again.

“I love to paint and draw any subject matter. Co-workers would come up to me after seeing me draw in the break room and ask me to do paintings for them. They would ask me to do from family members to cars.”

Speaking of cars, he just finished a project with a Ford dealership, after they asked him to decorate their offices with his art of classic Ford cars and Trucks.

In the future, he plans on attending auto shows and selling his paintings at the events.

He currently works mostly in acrylic paint, among other mediums.

Daniel’s work has been exhibited at the Central Arts of Bedford Gallery for the past three years.

You can see more of his artwork on his website here.

Also on his Facebook page here.

We have some of Daniel’s work below. Always respect copyright.

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