Today we have a hugely talented artist from Poland, Jacek Moga. He has a good following in the social networks and we are not surprised as the quality of the work is fantastic.


He was born in Poland 43 years ago and currently lives in Siemiatycze. As many of our featured artists, he started drawing very young. In fact he was only five years old when he drew his first cars.

He is self taught and his talents don’t stop at drawings and paintings. He is also a graphic designer and a keen amateur photographer.

He works in various techniques: acrylic, watercolour, coloured pencil, pencil, etc.

He drew wherever he could and not always on paper. Sometimes on the wall or even the furniture.

“I only bought crayons a few years ago to start to draw again”, commented Jack. He started with crayons, but the adventure continues to this day as he experiments with paints and canvas.

He has managed to combine his two passions in life, painting and cars. He manages to create a unique piece using the experience gained by repairs and reconstruction of cars.

“I understand how important it is for car lovers to get the correct feel of the object of their fascination, which is why I try and faithfully recreate every detail in my paintings.”

You can find our more about Jack by looking up his website here.

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There is also an interview with him here (in Polish)

Below you can enjoy some of his work, but do contact him direct on one of the links above, if you wish to purchase or commission him any work.

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