This week we have an artist from Lithuania, Justinas Kyga

Justinas is from Druskininkai in Lithuania. He graduated fromart school when he was just 14.

Drawing and painting is not all he does as he also makes films and is a keen photographer. films,taking photos.

“I started to draw from a very young age and I was drawing everything, from buildings to people and cars” he explains.

He became really interested in drawing cars when he came across Chip Foose and his work.

“It fascinated and inspired me to start to draw like him” comments Justinas.

After a while he started to perfect his work by adding such things as reflections as well as proportions and that’s when he realized he has learnt this technique.

He is a hug fan of cars and regularly visits motorsport events.

Many well known faces have seen and liked his work, so this added to his inspiration to do more drawings of cars.

He received quite a lot of commissions to do with his car drawings and he also continues with his other work which is making videos and films as well as some design work and of course his photography.

His other hobby is collecting model cars.

You can contact him on:

Facebook; here.
Instagram; here.
Youtube; here.

Meanwhile, we have some of Justinas work below for you to enjoy. Please respect copyright.