Another talented artist from the USA with an eye for motorsport. Alex Wakefield who we featured in 2015 is getting another visit this week.

Alex Wakefield is a motorsport artist and enthusiast. As a little kid growing up in Iowa, he’d always been fascinated by machinery, the pre-race build up and the stories of how those great races happened.

“I like to give my own interpretation on how I see a given period in racing that I find interesting- a more colorful, emotional piece or a precise technical exercise to help convey my visual story”, comments Alex.

He does not feel like that he needs to be pinned to one style, as he likes the freedom of portraying motorsport in different ways.

“I want to show motor sport from my viewpoint. I want to take the viewer on a colorful, exciting ride into a sport I’m passionate about. If it’s something that you, the viewer, are moved and inspired by, then all the better”.

Here you can see Alex’s 2018 schedule;

The Greenbrier Concours d’Elegance – May 4-6 White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
Caramulo Motorfestival – September 7-9 Caramulo, Portugal
Concours d’Elegance – Cascais – September 14-16 Cascais, Portugal

Recent article about Alex can be found on Artbeat Magazine here.

You can keep in touch with Alex via Facebook here.

His website Motor Art 27 can be reached here.

As always, we have the pleasure of sharing some of the artist’s work with you below. Please respect copyright.

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