If you are interested in cars, motorbikes, karts, and basically anything going fast, then you have found the right place. Feed your passion at in2motorsports.com

Our site has been created for motorsport fans everywhere with the idea to make motorsport more available, accessible and affordable for as many people out there as possible.

We hope to be instrumental in getting you involved with your passion at a level that works for you, be it reading or writing about it, sharing technical information, attending race meetings, getting involved in the motorsport journalism/media, marshalling and official duties, track driving or competing.

Dodge Charger at NASCAR s

This site will provide up to date news and information, calendars of various races, direct links to car clubs, safety and apparel suppliers, photographers and media contacts, race cars and bikes specialists,  books and DVDs on motorsport and much more. In the coming year we shall be looking for better ways to get tickets to events and helping to arrange travel as well as finding somewhere to stay when you get there.

Basically, we are trying to create a one stop site to make it easier to get involved in our passion of motorsport.

There is a classified section to browse through if you are looking for something different or selling yours. Posting ads is easy to do and free for private users of our site.

Forums for discussions are provided via Tentenths, one of the best known and used forums in the business.


The gallery section will be open to visitors in the New Year so they can post their favourite photos and links to videos will also be provided.


In2Motorsports merchandise will be available as well as other gifts and collectables from the site.

What we need from you is to contribute articles, reports and media to make us better. Your comments and feed back are extremely important if we want to make a great impact. Tell us about your events so we can include them in the correct sections. And of course, remember to look us up on Facebook and Youtube. Like, Share and multiply. 

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Lewis Hamilton Karting champion at 10 s

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